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Do I Have A Case?

So, you’ve come to suspect that your current or former employer has violated your employment law rights.  Perhaps your employer has denied you overtime based on your requirement to sign and submit an incorrect timesheet, or perhaps your overtime wages have been denied  based on you being misclassified by your employer as an “exempt employee”.  On the other hand perhaps your current or former employer has denied you 10-minute duty-free rest periods or 30-minute duty-free meal periods, or violated any of the numerous employment rights afforded you as a California employee.

The sooner you discuss your case with an experienced overtime pay and employment law attorney, the better.  An experienced overtime pay and employment law attorney will be able to analyze your potential case and give you an estimate of the value of the case, although no attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of any legal matter.  In addition, an experienced employment lawyer will alert you to the statute of limitations of your potential case, which is the deadline date to file a lawsuit in the case or risk having the lawsuit thrown out by the court because it was filed too late.

Attorney Seth E. Tillmon welcomes contact from current or former employees who believe they have been victimized by their employer’s unlawful employment practices.

Attorney Seth E. Tillmon provides free, confidential telephone consultations to those wishing to discuss the issues they may be facing, including discussion of the following topics:

  • overtime pay (for both hourly employees and salaried employees)
  • 10-minute rest periods
  • 30-minute meal periods
  • paystub violations
  • vacation pay or PTO
  • unpaid bonus or MBO
  • unpaid sales commission
  • unreimbursed employment expenses
  • misclassification as independent contractor
  • various additional employment law issues

If you believe that your current or former employer may have violated your rights under the California employment laws, please contact The Law Office of Seth E. Tillmon for a confidential consultation and evaluation of your potential employment law claims.